Sprint OY - South Brighton

Sunday 9 August 2020
South Brighton
Event Type:
Double sprint day - OY
Katherine Babington & Felix Hunt
Carsten Jørgensen
Lisa Chubb & Jonathan Hunt

Two sprints in one day, do one or do both to score the Orienteer of the Year (OY) points. Courses suitable for everyone from beginners to sprint champions. 
For PAPO club members, these sprints count as an OY event with the total time for the 2 events used to calculate OY points.   

The South Brighton map has been extended, about 1/3 of the map is new for this event.
The SouthShore map is new! Come and run on the first event on this map.

Morning sprint at South Brighton.
Registration will be at parking area at the northern end of Ebbtide Street. Please park along Estuary Road and walk to the registration. There is a 800 meter walk from registration to the start. 
Registration from 9.30am
Starts: 10.00-11:30
Course closure 12.00

Costs (per event): Adult $10, Student $5, Family $25, SI card hire $2. (same as summer sprints)


Distances and course lengths: 


Distance to the start: 800 metres follow taped route along Estuary Road

Long Red: 3.0 km  27 Controls


Medium Red: 2.7 km  27 Controls


Short Red: 2.2 km  21 Controls


Orange: 2.5 km 19 Controls    


Yellow: 1.5 km  13 Controls  


White: 1.2 km  11 Controls

Out of Bounds areas: 
Do not enter out of bounds areas marked with purple stripes on the map (see example below) and partially marked in the terrain with orange tapes.
We will disqualify people entering these areas as our access depends on you respecting the out of bounds areas.

Notes on the course: 
There are no descriptions on the map, but loose descriptions will be available at the start. The control codes are printed on the map in brackets next to the control number.
The lagoon/marsh is SLOW.
Put on your nimble feet coming on and off the fancy new track to the east of the lagoon as there are irrigation pipes.
There is a low wire from the last control close to the finish – be ready to pass it elegantly.
Otherwise the normal hazards while in a forest.

Parking is along Estuary Road - be careful getting in and out of your car as there is quite a bit of traffic.
Details on the afternoon event at Southshore: here



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