What are the costs

 Event Fees for Non-Sprint Events






 Senior (Over 20)

 Red Orange Yellow



1 clip

 Junior (20 or younger)*

 Red Orange  Yellow



½ clip

 Any age




½ clip





2 ½ clips

*   Or full time student

** Family is 2 adults and 1 or more children (or 1 adult and 3 or more children


  • Member rates apply to pupils of schools that are members.
  • E-CARD HIRE: $3.00 non-refundable (The replacement cost of a lost e-card is $120.00)
  • COMPASS HIRE: $5.00 refundable deposit
  • VIP cards can be used by/for non-members and guests 
  • If you go out as a group you can take one map between you and you only have to pay for one map. The price of the map will be based on the youngest navigator in the group.
  • Orienteers may run a 2nd course, subject to map availability; they pay the cost of only the more expensive of the two courses + $2.00 for the additional map. There is no extra charge for hiring an e-card for the 2nd course.
  • Helpers may choose to have a free run on the day (otherwise they receive VIP points)




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