Spencerville MTBO/Foot Rogaine

Sunday 9 April 2017

Great to have a different, fun, format!

Thanks to Tim & Stephanie Farrant for planning/controlling the day.  Also to Tim Wright and Alister Metherell for the Sportident efforts.


OY-1 - Kairaki

Sunday 12 March 2017

Great to see so many people out braving the rain today and getting some fresh air.

Dominic Cleary planned some fun courses, with some good route choice options to try and avoid the green on the map.

Thanks to all involved in putting the event together.


Winsplits by course available here.

AGM Event

Sunday 19 February 2017

Thanks to Scott Smith (planner) and Nick Smith (controller) for setting a really interesting and challenging course on the very small part of Van Asch School we were able to use. For the map memory course people had to run to a central location then look at the map on the wall and memorise as many of the 4-5 controls on the loop they were doing, before setting off. After completing all 3 loops, competitors picked up a map to get them to the finish.

Some people had trouble trying to relate the map on the wall to the normal north/south alignment. The planner had also cunningly made 2 looks clockwise and 1 loop anti-clockwise!

Lots of fun.


Sunday 20 November 2016

Thanks to the team for putting on a great event in perfect weather, so close to home.

Jean Cory-Wright showed you can do a course on this map without too much climb. Great use of the valleys.


SI/Canterbury Champs Long

Sunday 23 October 2016

A fantastic day in the sunny Craigieburns.

 You can add your route to RouteGadget here (RouteGadget allows you to load or draw your route and so you can see where others went). Tim (the planner) is keen to see where people went to please fill in your route). 



Canterbury Agricultural Park Club Event

Sunday 31 July 2016

A crisp but clear day with brilliant sunshine and biting wind. Great to see some families out enjoying the winter sun, as well as some of the club members back from recent trips overseas.

Thanks for Marcus, Nick as planner and controller, and to all the helpers. Iona, Sarah L, Chris R and family, Linda S and Scott, and control collectors - Oliver, Issac, Amelia.

Richard Smith (coordinator)


Heights of Winter Rogaine

Saturday 25 June 2016

Results are now available for Heights of Winter. Thank you to all who helped or participated.

Click here for more in-depth analysis of the results.

You can check out the map from this year's event below:

Heights of Winter Rogaine 2016 Hakatere Course map

OY-2 Acheron

Sunday 8 May 2016

Great weather, great courses, and plenty of people out enjoying the day. Thanks Riki, Emily, Andrew, Frances and all the other helpers for putting together an awesome day out!

Bottle Lake MTBO

Sunday 17 April 2016

We had a lovely sunny Autumn day out at Bottle Lake with quite a few new-comers giving MTBO a try for the first time. The courses were long (and, hopefully, exciting!) with some tricky navigational challenges. Thank you to everyone who helped with the event and to all those who came and gave it a go, especially if it was your first time.

OY-1 - Orton Bradley

Sunday 13 March 2016

A beautiful day running in the sun. Great to see so many families and groups staying for a picnic.

Thanks to the Dave, Vivien P and Tane for planning and controlling the great courses. Thanks for Vivien B and all the helpers for making the day happen.

Summer Sprint 4 - Kirkwood

Tuesday 8 March 2016

Slightly cooler and damper than any of the earlier events but some great running.

Well done to Stephen Harding for planning a great course, and the Team Cleary for all the work on the night.

A special thanks also to Graeme Read who has been doing a great job sorting out the results for all the events.

CCC Orienteering Day - The Groynes

Sunday 28 February 2016

A fabulous day at the Groynes – well over 600 people enjoyed the sunshine.

Planner Graeme says he is surprised so many people found all of the controls and well done to you all. It was neat to see several students from the Tuesday night events come along and there were some interesting results within family teams.

PAPO hopes you keep coming along to Tuesday events and then think about the schools champs and our Sunday orienteering all over Canterbury. Check the website for upcoming events and entry fees.

The Hellers sausages were cooked to perfection by the Girl Guides (who also ran the course) and thanks to those who did CCC surveys while waiting for your sausages. The maps drawn by some finishers of your routes are interesting and we are going to put a couple of your maps up on the PAPO website later this week.

A huge thanks to the orienteering club members who helped before and during the event.

For the really competitive ones here's a list of points per minute for those who completed in under 1 hour. The 2 top place getters have both represented NZ in orienteering, so don't feel too bad when you see how fast they completed the course.

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