MTB Rogaine Event 1

MTB Rogaine Series

Sunday 15 July 2018
Bottle Lake
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MTB Rogaine
Rupert MacLachlan for Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust
Matt Boulcott for Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust

Event 1 of the MTB Rogaine Series:

Brush those winter cobwebs off your mountain bike, come along and enjoy these family-friendly events that will be will be suitable for all levels, from total beginners to experienced rogainers. It will be a great opportunity to improve your navigation over a series of fun events.

There will be someone there to offer advice and help out with any questions you might have if you're new to mountain bike rogaining.

Rupert MacLachlan flies an air ambulance for the New Zealand Flying Doctor Service and Matt flys the Westpac Rescue Helicopter, both of which operate under the trust. As keen outdoorsmen and mountain bikers they felt this is a fantastic cause to fundraise for (and hopefully none of us will ever never need to use!)

These events are organised externally as a  fundraiser for the Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust. 
PAPO is a supporting organisation for this fundraising event by providing maps to promote orienteering, MTB orienteering and navigation events, and to support fundraising for air rescues  provided by the Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust.

Duration: 60 minutes

Start time: 10:30am



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