Training Event - Woodend available NOW and including MARCH 23rd

Friday 23 March 2018
Event Type:
Carsten Jorgensen
Jenni Adams


Training event suitable for orange to red level orienteers. 

  The streamers will be left in the forest until the morning of the 24th March.  You are welcome to download a map and head out for some training before the 24th March/




The controls (streamers with a code ear tag) from the training last weekend are still out. The aim of the training is to work on your process in and out of the actual controls. 

1. Find an attack point (feature before the control) to lead you safely close to the control
2. Follow most likely compass bearing to the control with your distance judgement turned on (have a catching feature in mind if in case you over shoot the control) 
3. Make a good plan for the next control
4. Make sure you exit in the correct direction out of the control again
5. It will be great if you can identify an exit feature out of the control to get you straight back into the map again and safely out of the control.
Just a heads up that it is really tricky stuff on Woodend South - and keep out of the areas of fallen trees. It is important to know that you are looking after yourself Health and Safety wise so let someone know when you're heading out and coming back - and bring a cell phone - there is a little bit of coverage especially on the tops of the sand dunes.


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