Queens Birthday - Sprint.

Queens Birthday 2021

Saturday 5 June 2021
University of Canterbury
Event Type:
Briana Steven
Al Cory-Wright
Katie and Digby Symons

Queens Birthday day 1 - Sprint distance - University of Canterbury

Although this is a championship event, there are courses suitable for all, with recreational courses at all levels in addition to the competitive and elite grades, See the Queen's Birthday 2021 event page for full list of grades. 

Entries are now closed: Entries closed at midnight 23 May 2021. There is no entry on the day, and no exceptions.

Travel directions: Navigate to 75 Clyde Road, Ilam on the east side of the campus. Turn west into Arts Road and access the University carpark from there. Please do not drive along the other boundaries of the map. University Drive (south), Ilam Road (west), Creyke Road (north)

Parking: Park anywhere in the large University carpark. There is plenty of space.

Start location: Adjacent to parking.

Registration: Sorry, no entries on the day, but open for enquiries and i-dent pick-up from 11am

Start times: Allocated start times from 12midday. 

Course closure: 3pm

Costs: See the Queen's Birthday 2021 event page for entry fee details.

Dogs: Sorry, no dogs.

Embargoed area and previous map: Old map for reference