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See the FAQ for more information about the costs and orienteering in general, including what you need to wear and bring. 

Montgomery Spur

Sunday 13 February 2022

Montgomery Spur Orienteering

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Sprint. Cashmere High

Tuesday 15 February 2022

Sprint. Cashmere High Evening sprint

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Sprint. University of Canterbury

Tuesday 22 February 2022

Sprint. University of Canterbury Evening sprint

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Sprint. Southshore spit

Tuesday 1 March 2022

Sprint. Southshore spit Evening sprint

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Sprint. Van Asch school.

Tuesday 8 March 2022

Sprint. Van Asch school. Evening sprint

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Botlle Lake OY

Sunday 13 March 2022

Bottle Lake OY

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Sprint. Shirley Boys High

Tuesday 15 March 2022

Sprint. Shirley Boys High.

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Sprint. Ara city campus

Tuesday 22 March 2022

Sprint. Ara city campus.

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Hanmer MTBO #1 Hanmer Springs

Saturday 2 April 2022

Hanmer MTBO #1 Hanmer Springs MTBO

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Boyle Sprint

Saturday 2 April 2022

Boyle Sprint Sprint

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