Permanent Courses

There are a number of permanent courses available throughout New Zealand. Click here for a full list.

These include courses in Christchurch, Canterbury and one in Hokitika. They offer options to suit a wide range of abilities, including beginners/children and experienced orienteers.

Please Note: Peninsula and Plains Orienteers Incorporated retains ownership and  Copyright for these maps. These maps are made available for individual and school use only. Please contact the committee if you wish to use these maps in any other instance.

Halswell Quarry

Three courses available; maps and instructions may be purchased at Te Hāpua Halswell Centre and Beckenham Service Centre (South Library), open normal business hours, for $3.50 each. Maps also available for download here:

  • White – 1.1 km, easiest navigation
  • Yellow – 1.3 km, slightly harder navigation
  • Orange – 2.1 km, more challenging with some uphill and route choice

The instructions for all courses and a form to write the answers on are here.

Number/Letter codes for the courses can be found here.

This permanent orienteering course has been jointly created by Peninsula and Plain Orienteers and the Halswell Quarry Park Rangers, with the help of a grant from the Rata Foundation.

The Groynes

Two courses available for download or purchased at the Rosebank cafe (near the entrance to the Groynes Park, 7 days a week) for $4 each.

  • White – 1.9 km, easiest navigation
  • Yellow – 2.6 km, slightly harder navigation

Number/Letter codes for the courses can be found here.

For school groups and corporate training, contact Horizons Unlimited ph: 384-0384. Email:

This permanent orienteering course has been jointly created by the Kahikatea Adventure Education Trust, Peninsula and Plain Orienteers, and the Groynes Park Rangers.

Spencer Park

Maps and instructions are available at the Spencer Park Camp Shop, $3 each, the shop is open 7 days a week, 8am–6pm..  Maps also available for download here: The park offers 4 graded courses (1-4):

  • White 1.1km, easiest navigation
  • Yellow 2.0km, slightly harder navigation
  • Orange 3.3km, more challenging with some route choice
  • Red 4.0km, hardest navigation

Terrain is coastal pine forest and park, 12 km north of centre of Christchurch. 

Number/Letter codes for the courses can be found here.


A number of maps based in the Lake Tekapo Regional Park which is just east of the Tekapo township on the lake shore. Access is via Lilybank Rd. The maps are available for download here or some hard copies are available at the following locations:

  • Tekapo Information Centre (inside the Godley Hotel)
  • Kiwi Treasures (next to the Four Square)
  • Tekapo Camping Ground


The white courses are the easiest, yellow a bit harder, followed by orange and red.

The control numbers and matching letters are here. You can use these to check you found the right control. Match the control number to the letters you found on the control posts.