Organising an Event

Planning and Controlling

The planner is responsible for designing the courses in Condes and putting out the controls on the day (in conjunction with the controller).

The Controller is the person in overall charge of the day. They assist the planner with the courses and setting out the controls on the day.

Information and guides for event planners and controllers can be found on the PAPO Helper's Wiki:

PAPO Helper's Wiki

Heath and Safety:

PAPO has adopted the Orienteering New Zealand (ONZ) health and safety policy.

ONZ forms and documents:

The ONZ health and safety policy and reference documents can be found at: Links to the key documents below:

Hazard and Risk Management (HARM) form
Missing Person and Fire Evacuation Procedure

PAPO forms and documents:

PAPO controller's responsibilities document


Each event has a Coordinator. This is the person responsible for organising and coordinating the on the day helpers, ensuring the required event centre equipment is onsite and setup, then packed up and taken back to its home. (This role was previously known as Chief Organiser).
The Event Coordinators Manual has been updated in 2021 and includes a one page quick check list, a FAQ and the full manual, including a worksheet to make it easy to timetable helpers through the day.

Other useful documents: 

Post-event feedback and expense Claims

Post-event feedback

Please fill in the post-event feedback form to complete the event.


If you have incurred expenses as the planner, controller or caravan/toilet tower, please email the following info to the Treasurer (

Name of claimant.
Name, Date & Location of event.
Reason for claim: Planner/Controller/Caravan tower/Toilet tower
Bank account number for reimbursement.
For Travel expenses include: Number of return trips made and total mileage (km) travelled.
For other expenses incurred attach receipts.