PAPO VIP points

You probably already know that helping at an event is a truly satisfying aspect of membership, and that every single volunteer is appreciated every single time.

As well as getting to know fellow club members by working alongside them, you get to run/ride for free on the day. If you can’t do a course on the day, you will earn VIP POINTS.

PAPO would much prefer you took the free run, as its simpler and is actually the better deal for you, but hey, it doesn’t always happen.  

Once you have earned 10 points, you will be posted, a card which gives you 4 free runs at future club-events. 

Points allocation

  • Planner 15 points

  • Controller 15 points

  • Event coordinator 8 points

  • Rostered helper 2 points

  • Being roped-in for a rostered role having already paid for your run that day 2 points

  • Committee members 20 points per year

  • Non-committee club officers 10 points per year

Paying with VIP points.

When pre-entering for an event via EnterO, Pay with VIP points is a payment option.  This is to be used for both redeeming VIP points and for those helping out and taking a free run/ride at the event.

After completing your entry, please forward you entry confirmation email to with a photo of your VIP card attached (fill in one box for seniors, half for juniors/students) or a note that you are part of the team helping to put the event on.

The small print  

  • Cards are valid for two years from the end of the month of issue.
  • Juniors can take two runs on one of the 4 squares on a card, reflecting their lower entry fees.
  • VIP points can be used to pay for guests of those that earned the points. 
  • VIP points cannot be used to pay for Championship events (e.g. Canterbury Champs or other large events hosted by PAPO).
  • The points administrator now pools points earned by family members.  The 4 runs were always able to be shared with others, and we are grateful to those who help now and then and wouldn’t reach 10 points on their own, over 2 years.
  • PAPO has amazing juniors stepping up into course planning, controlling and coordinating and where that mahi is what an adult would have done, they accrue full points. 
  • When the planner, controller or coordinator role is shared, so are the points.
  • At Championships events only the planner, controller and overall coordinator earn VIP points. These events call for ‘all hands on deck’ as helpers, and it is expected that all PAPO members that are entered help in some way. (Canterbury Schools weekend is treated the same as a PAPO club event - helpers can take a free run or earn VIP points).  
  • The event coordinator determines whether someone who stepped in during the event earns points.  They advise the VIP points administrator.
  • In addition to VIP points, planners and controllers can claim mileage for visiting the map during the planning process and for the event (normally limited to a max of 3 visits per event).  
  • Those essential people who tow the caravan and the toilets can also claim mileage. Towing is paid at double the standard mileage rate.