Earning VIP points

You probably already know that the club has a great incentive for you to be a helper at our events.

Apart from getting a chance to get know fellow club members by working alongside them, you also earn VIP points.

Once you have earned 10 points you get a VIP card which gives you 4 free runs to use at upcoming events.

But did you know that you have the option of taking a free run – this is simpler for the club to administer and is actually a better deal for you!

The point allocation goes like this:

  • *Helper at events, Sport Ident operator, **Camper tower: 2
  • Chief Organiser: 8
  • ***Planner: 15
  • ***Controller: 15
  • Committee member: 20 points per year
  • Ex-committee Club Officers: 10 points per year

Cards are transferable and have an expiry date (a card earned prior to 31 July this year will expire December 31 2017, from 1 August the expiry date is December 31 2018).

 *A helper is defined as someone who is rostered for a duty prior to the event by the Volunteer Coordinator, or requested to help on the day by the Chief Organiser.

** The camper tower is also eligible to claim mileage at 70c per km for their trouble.

*** Planners and Controllers are eligible to claim mileage at 35c per km for all trips to and from the event area in planning the event.