Orienteer of the Year

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Each year the club has an Orienteer of the Year (OY) competition across all the grades and levels. The OY series is planned to be made up of 8 diverse events, with the top 6 scores counting towards total OY points.

  • Four Classic orienteering events. 
  • A night orienteering event.
  • A double sprint day.
  • A score/rogaine event.
  • A MTBO event.

The OY rules and points calculations were updated in late 2021 following a two-year trial of this format for the OY series.

OY rules (Nov 2021) 

The OY events for 2024 are: 

  • OY1: 25-Feb-2024 | Orton Bradley OY
  • OY2: 24-Mar-2024 | Leithfield OY
  • OY3: 14-Apr-2024 | MTBO OY. The Willows
  • OY4: 26-May-2024 | Van Asch Farm OY
  • OY5: 27-Jul-2024 | Night OY. Spencer Park
  • OY6: 18-Aug-2024 | Double sprint OY. Hillmorton High & Lincoln Schools
  • OY7: 20-Oct-2024 | Score OY. Orton Bradley
  • OY8: 17-Nov-2024 | Boyle River OY

OY Leaderboard

The OY points will be published after each event showing the running total as the year progresses.

Current OY Leaderboard: https://oypoints.papo.org.nz

Help & explanation of codes: https://oypoints.papo.org.nz/2022/LRM 

This also includes OY points results since 2021.  

OY points 2008-2021

Prior to 2020, the OY series consisted of 6 classic orienteering events only. 

2021 2021 OY results (pdf)
2020 2020 OY results (pdf)
2019 2019 OY results (pdf)
2018 2018 OY results (pdf)
2017 2017 OY results (pdf)
2016 2016 OY results (pdf)
2015 2015 OY results (pdf)
2014 2014 OY results (pdf)
2013 2013 OY results (pdf)
2012 2012 OY results (pdf)
2011 2011 OY results (pdf)
2010 2010 OY results (pdf)
2009 2009 OY results (pdf)
2008 2008 OY results (pdf)

OY points calculation overview

There are 12 OY grades in the OY competition:

Red Long Female Red Long Male
Red Medium Female Red Medium Male
Red Short Female Red Short Male
Orange  Female Orange  Male
Yellow  Female Yellow  Male
White  Female White  Male

Main rules

  • The first place runner in each grade gets 25 points.
  • Other runners are awarded points based on their time behind the winner.
    Calculated as 25 * (winning time / competitors time).
  • Each competitor's top 6 scores from the series of 8 events are added to get the OY series score.  

Other rules

  • A minimum of 15 points is awarded where the calculation would result in a score of less than 15. A mis-punch gets 10 points.
  • If you run an event in a different grade to your usual OY grade, you will also receive 10 points for a lower grade or 15 points for a higher grade.
  • Planners and controllers of OY events get 25 points for that event.
  • See OY rules (updated 2021) for the full rules and details of calculations used for the score event.