Southern O-Week day 5 - Spencer Park sprint (evening)

Southern O-Week 2021

Saturday 16 January 2021
Spencer Park
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Carsten Jørgensen
Jenni Adams
Steve O'Neil

SOW day 5. Spencer Park evening sprint.

Southern O-Week 2021 is being held in the same week that was planned for Oceania 2021.
All events will have the usual six courses offered at club event (white, yellow, orange, red short, red medium, red long). 
Something to suit everyone, from beginners to experts. Includes easy courses for those who are new to the sport and would like to give it a go. All welcome! Event suitable for the whole family.

Evening sprint adjacent to the Spencer Beach Holiday park, where many will be staying. Park-style sprint with many tracks, wetlands, a few buildings and some forest.

Map description:  This event is a “forest sprint”. The area used for the courses is predominantly fast, open pine forest with sand-dune features. Nearer the coast there are some areas of reduced visibility with lower branches. There are numerous tracks in the area. See the legend below indicating the convention which has been used for mapping the mountain bike, foot and less distinct tracks .

Programme with updated travel directions, parking, location access, and important info for the day etc Please note: Day 5 programme uploaded 8 January 2021    2.0-Programme-SOW2021-Day5-Ara-Sprint-Spencer-Park-forest-evening-sprint-.pdf   [File size: 333MB]

Entries: Entries are now closed
Travel directions: Follow orienteering signs form Spencerville. Camping and accommodation options available at Spencer Beach Holiday park. See Southern O-Week page.
Parking: In the Spencerville domain as directed.
Event area: The event centre is in the Spencerville domain
Registration: From 4:15pm.  Registration is only required for competitors picking-up sportident cards for hire.
Start area: 500m along tracks, sign-posted from event centre
Start times: Chasing start with start time based on ARA morning sprint results.

White: Add your ARA course time to 4:40pm
Yellow:  Add your ARA course time to 4:40pm 
Orange:  Add your ARA course time to 5:00pm
Short Red:  Add your ARA course time to 5:20pm
Medium Red: Add your ARA course time to 5:00pm
Long Red:  Add your ARA course time to 4:40pm 

Call up to start will be 10 minutes before your start time. Competitors will queue in starting order, with separate queues for each course, and start when their start time shows on the start clock.
Competitors who do not want to, or are unable to, start at the time determined by their ARA morning event time can start with a punching start between 4:40pm and 4:50pm or between 5:45pm and 6:15pm. Competitors who did not take part, or did not receive a time (e.g. through DNF or MP) in the morning ARA event should  start with a punching start in these intervals.

Course closure: 7:00pm
Costs: See Southern O-Week page for event fees.
Dogs: Dogs are permitted in the domain area.