Canterbury Champs 2023

PAPO will be hosting Canterbury Champs in the Craigeburn basin.
There will be 2 events events on the Hogsback and Castle Hill maps.

  • Saturday 14th October will feature a 3-person forest Relay on the Castle Hill Village map.
    The Canterbury Champs Relay will be one of the most exciting orienteering events this year, with great courses on one of the smallest and trickiest bits of forest we have mapped. The intricate detail of Castle Hill Forest will mean the battle for relay gold will be tight in every grade, and fastest might not always be the winner. 
  • Sunday 15th October will be a Long distance event on the Hogsback map.
    The Hogs Back map is a subalpine area with a mixture of mature beech forest and open tussock. The elevation ranges from 700m to 1200m above sea level. Large flat areas are dissected by steep valleys and ridges. The beech forest offers a range of runnability, from open mature forest with running speeds < 4min/km to extremely thick areas of regrowth. There are some isolated areas of limestone rock detail.

Saturday Relay info:

A relay always has a fun and friendly atmosphere so everyone is welcome to run in a team regardless of your orienteering level or experience.
Each team has three runners who will be grouped by the Club Captain (and event planner), Briana Steven, in an effort to mix people up and create fair teams. Having the teams organised in advance also means no one is left on their own trying to make a team and hopefully no team is out for very long.

There will be 5 relays:

Long Red Male relay 3 equal legs.
~ 2.5km per leg
Aimed at Red Long runners and Red Medium wanting a longer course.
Long Red Female relay 3 equal legs.
~2.2km per leg
Short Red Female relay 3 equal legs.
~1.9km per leg
Aimed at Red Short runners and Red Medium wanting a shorter option.
The navigational difficulty will be the same as the Red Long relay. 
Short Red Female relay 3 equal legs.
~1.6km per leg
Mixed relay

~1.0km per leg
(Mixed Gender)

One runner at each level, (mirroring the Mixed Short grade at Nationals Relays)

All relays will have a mass-start with the first leg runner starting around 1pm.

For those that really don't want to run in a relay team, there will be an option to run one of the relay leg courses when the relays are mostly complete. However we'd like as many people as possible to give running in a relay team a try in at this low-key event. Punch starts for individual runners will be sometime after 2.30pm (but please enter the relay instead!) 

For parents sharing childcare duties or needing to shadow kids on the White course, please let us know via the form below and we'll ensure you are setup so everyone gets a run.
Relay Request form. (please make all requests prior to entries closing on Mon 9th Oct).

Sunday Hogsback info:

Sunday's courses will be classic long distance orienteering with allocated start times from 10.30am.
Grades offered will be via age bracket with recreational courses available for those wanting an easier or shorter course than their usual age grade.   
See below for details of grades to be offered.


This event is pre-entry only.
Enter Here:
Standard price entries close Mon 2nd Oct.
Late entries close Mon 9th Oct.
All entries must be paid for using Credit Card payments in the entry system (EnterO). 
Any queries on the entry system, please email
If you need to change anything on your entry (SI number, grade entered, race withdrawal), please fill out this form prior to entries closing (Mon 9th Oct).

Event Fees:

Standard event fees

These are available to members of any orienteering club in the world.
These fees are available until Monday 2nd Oct.

  Relay - Sat 14th Oct Long - Sun 15th Oct
Senior $25.00 $30.00
Junior/Student $15.00 $20.00
Child under 12 $10.00 $10.00
* Family Maximum
(both races)

Non-Members: additional $10 Senior/$5 Junior per race.

* Family maximum for 2 Seniors and any number of Juniors normally resident at the same address.
For team entries, please create an individual entry for each team member. 
SI hire: Regular SI cards $3 per race.

Late entries:

For entries on/after Tuesday 4th Oct, a 50% late entry surcharge is applied. Late entries will be allocated a start time at the beginning of the start list, prior to all standard entries.
Final date for entry is Monday 9th Oct, no entries will be accepted after this date.

Late fees Relay - Sat 14th Oct Long- Sun 15th Oct
Senior $37.50 $45.00
Junior/Student $22.50 $30.00
Child under 12 $15.00 $15.00
Family Maximum
(both races)

All event fees are in NZ dollars and include GST.


Payment is by credit card only. Credit card payments will be taken as part of the entry process. 

Refund Policy: 

  • Refund of 90% of fees paid for withdrawals prior to standard entry fee close date (Mon 3rd Oct).
  • Refund of 75% of fees paid  for withdrawals after standard entry fee date and before late entry close date (Mon 9th Oct).
  • No refund after Late entry close date.
  • To notify withdrawal from a race, fill out this form 
  • Refunds will be processed after the event. 

Entry queries:
Please email with any entry queries. 

Grades (Sunday Long distance):

Elite grades:

M21E/W21E for seniors and M20E/W20E for juniors.

Competitive grades:
Grades are in 2-year bands up to age 18 and in 10-year bands for over 40s.

Female grade

Male grade

Age (at end of the 2023)

Navigation difficulty



Age 10 or under.




Age 12 or under.




Age 14 or under.




Age 16 or under.




Age 18 or under.




Any age.
Shorter course than W21E/M21E.




Age 40 or over.




Age 50 or over.




Age 60 or over.




Age 70 or over.




Age 80 or over.


Recreational grades:

For those that want an easier navigational challenge or shorter course than the competitive grade.
Or for those going as a team or juniors being shadowed by parents.

There will be five courses available:

Navigation difficulty



Easy navigation

Any age/gender.


Moderate navigation

Any age/gender.


Hard navigation

Any age/gender.

Short Red

Very challenging navigation

Any age/gender.

Medium Red

Very challenging navigation

Any age/gender

If you have not run a red course before, we recommended you do not try your first red course at this event as the maps and courses are very technical. 
If you wish to change grade after entry but before final entries have closed, fill out this form.
After this date, only changes to the recreational grades may be made in person at the event. 

Start times:

Relays will have a mass start with first leg runners starting around 1pm.
Start times for the Long Distance will be allocated and published prior to the events. Earliest start is 10.30am.
For start time requests (e.g. for parents sharing childcare duties), please fill out  this form.

Punching system

The SportIdent (SI) punching system will be used in all  events with Si Air+ enabled. Only regular SI cards will be available for hire: $3 per event.  

Accommodation in Craigeburn

PAPO have booked the STAC Lodge (Castle Hill village) and the Canterbury Environment Centre (Broken River road) for the night of Saturday 14th Oct, providing a great opportunity for competitors to stay together and be social. These 2 facilities provide beds for 76 people. 

  • The costs for STAC Lodge are $40 per senior, $30 per junior. STAC lodge is now FULL
  • For Canterbury Environment Centre, costs are $20 per person with under 5s free.
  • Camping will be available outside STAC Lodge, but only once the beds inside have been filled, $15 per person. 

To book, fill in this form: Castle Hill Accommodation - October 2023 - Bookings

Payments for accommodation need to paid online to the PAPO bank account: Westpac 03-0823-0425931-000. Include your name in the Particulars and CHACCOM in the reference. Bookings are confirmed once payment is received.

Details on STAC Lodge: and Canterbury Environment Centre: