Hagley Park JWOC Fundraiser Results

10 June 2012

It was fantastic to have such a good turnout to this event with a large number trying orienteering for the first time.  We hope to see you enjoying more PAPO events over the next few months.  

Selena and Ryan wish to thank you all for your support which is helping them to represent New Zealand at the Junior World Orienteering Championships in Slovakia in July.  Thank you very much to CQ Digital Printing and Peninsula and Plains Orienteers for their support and to The Press and Mainland Press for helping to promote the event.

It seemed that most enjoyed the novel aspects of the Hagley Park courses.  They were fun to plan too, especially creating the maze and discovering some little visited or noticed features in the park.  In retrospect the compass skills course needed to have the control numbers listed for confirmation that the orienteer had not strayed from the correct bearing.  There were some impressive efforts in the score event with almost all corners of Hagley Park visited in under one hour, but in their haste a few people had some incorrect answers, suggesting that oxygen debt affected the ability to correctly place the control site or interpret the question or count or possibly just legibly write the answer.  There were a few clipcards or clue sheets with names or start times missing, so apologies if an administrative error means that your name doesn’t appear in the results.


White course

Georgia Rutter0:14 
Catherine Block & Mum0:17 
Tom Horncastle0:17 
Katherin Rutter0:18 
Gemma Block & Dad0:19 
Lisa McDonald0:20 
Tiger Lily Perry0:23 
No name0:23 
Eva & Grandma0:23 
Nathan Cummings0:24 
Emma Cummings0:24 
Gabrielle Carlilse-smith0:24 
Kirsten & Theo Pizzey0:26 
Hugh Ryan0:27 
Pearce Mote0:27 
Keke Mote0:27 
Amelia & ngaio0:28 
Sophia & Pa0:29 
McLaren family0:30 
Daniels Family0:30 
Breanna & Logan Sheat0:30 
Harry Jamieson0:34 
Benita Clark0:35 
Benita Clark0:36 
Lucy Ragg0:36 
Juliet Freeman0:37 
J Shand0:39 
Oscar Shand0:39 
Jackson Gately0:40 
Ethan Gately0:40 
Stella Cook0:40 
Sophie W0:40 
Pete & Ben Hay0:44 
Robbie Cochrane0:46 
Marisol Hunterno start time
Beth Hunterno start time
Flynn Hunterno start time
Millie Macalisterno start time
Ed Macalisterno start time
Pip Macalisterno start time
No nameno start time


Maze Plus

Al Cory-Wright0:28 
Ed Cory-Wright0:28 
Georgia Whitla0:31 
Michael Smithson0:32 
Jean Cory-Wright0:38 
Max Earnshaw0:44 
Christina Freeman0:48 
Nick Smith0:48 
Bryan Jenkins0:48 
Linley Earnshaw0:50 
Trish Faulkner0:53 
K&F Sanders0:55 
Julia Newlands0:55 
Jack Auld0:56 
Michelle Bleeker1:00 
Pieter L1:02 
Isaac L1:02 
George Watson1:03 
tim Robinson1:04 
Jim Reeve1:05 
Jess & Olivia Alloway1:05 
Fearghus & son1:06 
Benjamin Carlisle-Smith1:09 
Anne Hunter1:11 
Arthur Mahan1:12 
Nicki & Malcolm Roberts1:12 
Harry & Ben1:12 
Paige Roberts1:13 
Caleb Roberts1:13 
Egan Family1:13 
Ed Macalister1:15 
Mille McAlister1:15 
Pip McAlister1:15 
Tommy Whitaker1:15 
Durval Brito1:22 
Brian Thompson1:24 
Alex Cameron1:24 
Kate Cameron1:26 
Siobhan Bratten1:27 
Diedre Bratten1:27 
Kiera Hall1:36 
Isla Joyce1:36 
Brown family1:38 
Watson Family1:40 
Lucy Genet1:43 
Tom Horncastle1:44 
Paula Johnson1:52 
Diane Craig1:52 
Vanessa Crean1:52 
Suzanne Cocks1:53 
Anne Morgan1:53 
Katie BoltNo start time
Felix and JanNo start time
Isobel Backhouse0:55Mispunch
Felix Backhouse0:55Mispunch
Desiree Aarts1:07Mispunch


Compass Skills

George Watson0:47All correct
Martin Etherington0:23Mispunch
Mike Plank0:27Mispunch
Trish Faulkner0:40Mispunch
Tessa White1:01Mispunch
F Vetcher1:10Mispunch
Richard HensbyDNF 
Neil ChartersDNF 


Score Course

Simon & Blair114001140
Al Cory-Wright1110201090
Barry Ireland1060401020
Neil Charters101001010
Callum Cleary1030201010
Mike Plank100001000
Nick Smith9900990
Cameron Champion9800980
Josh Campbell9600960
Martin Freeman9500950
Andy Backhouse97020950
Ruth Markham-Short / Nadia Grillet9400940
Rowan McComish9300930
Peter Cleary9300930
Ian Harrison9300930
David Pugh-Williams8800880
No name8800880
Emma Newman89040850
Frances Bodger8400840
Richard Smith8200820
William McManus8000800
Sophie & Olivia8000800
Olivia Richards8000800
Mike Marra81020790
Lockie Campbell7900790
William Richardson84060780
Catherine Ireland7700770
Jocelyn Thrower7600760
Greg Bristow7500750
Stuart Payne7500750
Fiona Vetcher7200720
Josh Norton7200720
Paul Norton7200720
Keith Unsworth7000700
Annette Campbell71020690
Lucy Cochrane6800680
Monica Hoetjes6800680
Sally Lochhead6700670
Lisa McDonald Team6700670
Nancy Clayton6700670
Tony & George Watson6700670
Mechel Prutton & Rebecca6600660
Connor Cleary6600660
No name6200620
Josie Boland6000600
Anne Hunter6000600
No name6000600
Dominic Cleary5800580
Pete Douglas5400540
Neal and Andrew Hay5300530
Eline Thomson5100510
Olivia Ireland5000500
Luther Rossouw4700470
Whittington family4500450
Kate, Dave & Josh Peddley4400440
Heather Pugh-Williams4400440
Andrew & Alele Krupe590160430
Gordon Thrower4200420
Tim Robinson4200420
Jocelyn Douglas3700370
Blake McMillan2700270
Rebecca Beat / Gavin Visser310360-50