Canty Champs. Middle Distance. Craigmore

Canterbury Champs 2024

Saturday 9 March 2024
Event Type:
Middle Distance
Carsten Jørgensen
Jenni Adams
Val Fletcher

Canty Champs. Middle Distance. Craigmore.

Event details 

For all details of the event including entries, payments, grades, timing etc. see the main Canterbury Champs 2024 page:
Canterbury Champs 2024

Travel and Parking

Use your favourite route finder to navigate to Craigmore Hill Road, which is off Craigmore Valley Road. Follow signs on Craigmore Hill Road to the parking (if there is no sign go straight ahead).

There are many pheasants on Craigmore Hill Road. Travel VERY SLOWLY up the road to avoid the pheasants – they like to run in front of cars. Our continued access to the farm for orienteering relies on everyone treating the property with respect and this includes driving slowly and carefully at all times. Please leave all gates as you find them.