SI champs - Middle distance. Tekapo

Taitonga South Island Champs 2022

Sunday 13 November 2022
Event Type:
Middle distance
Matt Bixley
Ann Bixley
Jan Harrison

Taitonga South Island champs 2022 day 3. Tekapo middle distance.

The Taitonga South Island champs final event is a return to the Tekapo map. 

Although this is a championship event, there are courses suitable for all, with recreational courses at all levels in addition to the competitive and elite grades

See the Taitonga South Island champs 2022 page for event details including entries, fees, start times, grades etc,

Travel and parking information will be published in the event bulletin in the week prior to the event (this will be emailed to entrant and published on the page above).

Shared group accommodation will be available in Raincliffe, see Taitonga South Island champs 2022 for details.