Queens Birthday - Middle distance - Woodend south

Queens Birthday 2021

Monday 7 June 2021
Woodend south
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Nick Smith
Bruce Steven
Adrienne Shadbolt

Queens Birthday day 3 - Middle distance - Woodend South

The Middle distance will be held on the coastal sand dune forest of Woodend. This forest has been fully re-mapped, this will be the first use of that updated map. The Long distance and Middle distance will be run on different parts of the map.

Although this is a championship event, there are courses suitable for all, with recreational courses at all levels in addition to the competitive and elite grades, see the Queens' Birthday 2021 event page for full list of grades. 

Entries are now closed: Entries closed at midnight 23 May 2021. There is no entry on the day, and no exceptions.

Travel directions: Take SH1 north of Christchurch to Kaiapoi. Head along Beach Rd towards the Pines Beach/Kairaki, then turn left onto Ferry Rd.

Parking: Park at the end of Ferry Rd as directed.

Start location: Adjacent to parking (TBC).

Event centre: Walk 700m from parking to the event centre. The start and finish are adjacent to the event centre.

Registration: Sorry, no entries on the day, but open for enquiries and i-dent pick-up from 10am.

Start times: Allocated start times from 10.30am. 

Course closure: 2.30pm

Costs: See the Queen's Birthday 2021 event page for entry fee details.

Dogs: Sorry no dogs.

Embargoed area and previous map: Old map for reference