OY5 - Victoria Park Results

Sunday 14 October 2018

Cold winds greeted early starters but by the end of the event the weather was a lot more pleasant. At Victoria Park it's very hard to make interesting courses while avoiding lots of climb. The controller was eventually happy that the long red course was long enough and had enough climb, although Joe Lynch still managed to get under 60mins. Some of the courses were slightly longer and physically tougher.  Hopefully looking back on the event people enjoyed it even if they didn't while slogging up the hill to the finish.  The feedback on the white course was positive with several people saying it was the most adventurous white course that they had done in a while. The kids all seemed to really enjoy it and from what I heard they liked the off-track travel
Many thanks to Planner: Ryan Moore, Controller: Greig Hamilton and Organiser: Frances Wall