Training leads up to Schools Festival

26 August 2020

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If you have always wanted to give orienteering a go, or want to try a few short courses and get in  practise, these small training events enable you to get to get up-to-speed in time for the Schools Orienteering Festival. Although the training is designed for children, there is a public race on both festival days so all can join in.  

Tuesday 18 August  to Wednesday 9 September  at various locations

Training time: 4-5pm 

Training cost: After-school training is $2 per child which you can pay at each event. You will get your own map.  

More information on the training locations here

After getting in some practical experience, you will be ready for the festival: 

Schools Orienteering Festival
The Schools Festival is on  the second weekend in September, but entries close on Friday 4 September, so do get your entry in soon. There is a public race after the schools events, so any one can enter. It is great to share the route choice, join in the fun and make it a day out. The Festival events have different start times and locations. So checkout the details and find the entry form on the event pages below:  

Orienteering Festival Day 1 - Saturday 12 September

Orienteering Festival Day 2Sunday 13 September 

Enter Festival by: Friday 4 September