Stepping Stones / Feature Jumping

19 February 2018

Stepping stones / feature jumping is going from feature to feature (like from a hill to a hill) and can involve quite intense map reading. But it is possible jump between bigger features and disregard all the smaller detail and then it is less intense map reading.

Always remember to have the map oriented to North to minimize the change of misreading the map.

Also use thumbing of the map to keep on top of your current location or at least the location where you last knew where you were.

When you feel confident with the normal stepping stone courses, then you can challenge yourself with a corridor, which is the ultimate in stepping stones and compass training and quite tough mentally as you will get a lot of time of intense map reading. The corridor can be done anytime as there are no controls on it.

Below is a link to the training maps at Kairaki Beach. The streamers that mark the control sites will be out until just before the training at Woodend in 2 weeks time:
Stepping Stones map
Corridor map