PAPO uniform O top order

06 February 2017

If you’ve been hankering after one of the very nice, very cool go-faster PAPO Trimtex Katie Bolt designed Orienteering tops worn by many of the club stalwarts, then hanker no more…

The club does not buy 'stock' of these tops as it’s too expensive to hold stock in the size range that might be required) - instead, we do a bulk order every 18months or so when we think we can get >15 people who want one together so the expense of importing them from Norway is split between as many people as possible.

It’ll take about 12 weeks from the time we finalise the order for them to get here and be distributed, so let’s start now with the aim of everyone looking their best at the next major event we host (Queens Birthday).

The style that we get is called the Extreme LZR, and usually come in at around $105 - $120 per top depending on exchange rates etc. Definitely not cheap, but also not nasty. Very durable and well-designed.

A sizing guide can be found at:
Note, the Trimtex cut is quite trim, so if in doubt at all, go one size larger than you think.

Just complete the form here before the end of February, starting saving your pennies, and Tane Cambridge will be in touch with payment and collection details closer to the time.