PAPO COVID-19 response

21 March 2020

The PAPO committee met on 19/3/2020 to discuss whether we should continue to hold events and if so what changes we should make to the events we hold. We took into account the current NZ Government advisory, the Orienteering NZ recommendations and advice from two health professionals who are PAPO members. 
The main points we agreed are:

  • PAPO will continue with our events calendar as planned. Orienteering takes place outside without close contact to others. The areas of risk happen at the start and finish of events. Our next planned event is at Leithfield on 29th March, we currently expect this event to go ahead.
  • We will continue to use sportident at all events, the alternatives would mean a reduction of the overall event health and safety.
  • There will be no registration at events, those with their own SI stick can proceed directly to the start, if hiring an SI stick this can be collected at the caravan.
  • There will be no results screen at the finish.

As per the ONZ recommendationsyou must not come to the event if you fall into one of the following categories: 

  • If you are unwell with a cough or fever or other respiratory symptoms.
  • If you have been in close contact with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 until you have completed the 14 day quarantine period, even if you are completely symptom free.

  • If you have returned from any overseas country until you have completed the self-quarantine period for 14 days, even if you are symptom free.

  • If you are undergoing COVID-19 testing, until you have received negative results and are symptom free.

  • If you have been advised to stay at home by a health professional.

More detail of the changes to be implemented at events are listed below:

  • As all entries will be online pre-entries and pre-payment, there is no need for registration on the day.
  • Anyone who pre-pays and then cannot attend the event for any reason will be given a full refund.
  • Water will NOT be provided at the event centre or on course, please bring your own water.
  • We encourage you to bring your own hand sanitiser.
  • Hire SI chips will be issued at the caravan through the window, hence providing physical distancing.
  • Hire SI chips will be disinfected between events and wipes will be provided for competitors to make double-sure.
  • Starts will be arranged in such a way to allow a minimum of one metre distance between competitors and from the starter.
  • Competitors are recommended to punch controls without touching then.
  • No results screen will be provided, please check the PAPO website and Winsplits for results following the event.
  • We discourage people staying around to socialise after the event.
  • Maps will be kept by competitors, and not shared.
  • Download and return of hired SI chips will be at the caravan as usual.
  • The OY series will be temporarily suspended to ensure no one feels compelled to come to an event to gain OY points. Leithfield will not be an OY event.

Obviously this is a rapidly changing environment. If the recommendations from the NZ Government or ONZ change, then we will adjust our plans accordingly. 
Please keep an eye on the PAPO website COVID-19 page and facebook for updates.


PAPO committee.