O Training 6th May

06 May 2012

We had a great turnout for 'orange to red' level training today. Nineteen people came to Bottle Lake and spent an interesting 2.5 hours talking, walking, thinking and running. The course covered pace counting, map interpretation, control descriptions, aiming off, relocating, route choice, C.A.R.C and lots of other things.

We plan to run this again later in the year for those who couldn't make today's session. If you want to do it by yourself and you are a member of the club, get in touch with Linley at linleye@xtra.co.nz and she will send you the map and 'cheat sheet'. It's not quite the same as going out with someone who can answer all your questions and the controls won't be in place to make sure your navigation is spot on, but it is great for practice and setting up pace counting.

If anyone has any specific training requests, please get in touch with Linley and maybe we can organise more.
Huge thanks to Iona, John, Robyn and Richard for giving up their time to help today.