Hagley Park 10th August 2014

05 August 2014

A club event offering 4 choices:

White course.

Yellow course.

Compass training - try doing the Yellow with just a course outline, north lines and a scale bar! Training will be provided to those new to a compass. This course is just $2 a map. Your course will not be timed.

Map Memory with a twist - this event was run last July in the hail. Let's hope for sunshine this year. You will be given a map but when you get to some of the controls you will find a piece of map showing more controls you can get (indicated by a +1 or +2). You can get them at any time on your course, if you can remember where they are. No pencils allowed! Time limit 1 hour.

Starts:  White / Yellow / Compass: Anytime between 10.30 - 12.30

Map memory: 11.00 with a race brief at 10.50.

Where: South Hagley Park where the roundabout with Blenheim Road USED to be on Deans Ave.

Sportident: No, we are using clip cards and a clock.

Notes: Dogs are fine. Road crossings on the map memory and a car park crossing on the yellow.