New PAPO O-tops for Sale

04 February 2013

As discussed at the AGM I have created an electronic form for filling in if you would like a new Papo orienteering top. I have taken orders for about 5-6 people at the AGM and I will manually add that information in the spreadsheet for you, so no need to worry.

Before you rush off to the business end of this email please carefully read the information below, chances are the answers to your burning questions are below, so be patient and read the information below!

Some points to note:

  • We have decided that its is possible to order either dirtyd or Trimtex tops, with the design the same for both.

  • We have decided to order tops only at this stage. Black pants are the desired uniform equivalent, which can be purchased from Trimtex or dirtyd or anyone else, such as noname (which are my favorite for black pants!). ( I will find out about bright red pants for Chris!)

  • The club will not be buying stock of these tops. The intention is that we do a bulk order now and sort out some system for future orders. In this respect dirtyd becomes much more advantageous for small order quantities and frequency of delivery.

  • I will contact you with payment details etc once the orders are confirmed.

  • Trimtex tops will take upwards of 10 weeks until delivery. It is likely that for Trimtex clothing there will be maybe one order per year (min order quantity is 6 tops)

  • Dirtyd tops are NZ made and slightly cheaper than Trimtex.

  • If you want a top for Nationals you will need to order a dirtyd top, and complete this form by midnight on Thursday 7th of February

  • I have some samples of both Trimtex and dirtyd that if you wish to try before you buy, you can arrange to see me (

  • If you would like a Trimtex top then it will not arrive by nationals. As there is no great time pressure on the Trimtex tops due to them not arriving until after Nationals I will give you a couple of weeks to fill in the form if you want a Trimtex top, so Sunday the 17th of February (Midnight)

For information and sizing guides on the availble Trimtex tops look here:

For information and sizing guides on the availble dirtyd tops look here:

Prices as a rough guide are, which may change depending on order size:


  • Extreme LZR (Short Sleeve) ($115) (Southerly Storm tops)

  • Extreme LZR (Long Sleeve) ($125)

  • Rapid LZR (Short Sleeve) ($95) ("Club fit")

  • Rapid LZR (Long Sleeve) ($105)


  • Swift (Short Sleeve) ($107) (NZ team tops 2007-2012?)

  • Swift (Long Sleeve) (*tbc)

  • Flex (Short Sleeve) ($99) ("Club fit")

  • Flex (Long Sleeve) ($107)

  • Flex (V-neck) ($97)

And now what you have all been waiting order please follow this link and fill in this form to order your PAPO top today!

If you have any questions you can review the text above and then if you still have a question then email me: