Mapping Specifications Have Changed

10 May 2017

International mapping specifications have changed. From May 1st competition maps can now be in the new ISOM2017 specification.  From December 31st, all maps used in significant competitions must be in the new spec.  If you are running on our maps at Godley Head this weekend, or Butlers Bush at Queens Birthday you will notice these maps have been converted.

The first thing you will see that is very different is the square blue symbol for a water tank, defined as:
  • 311 Well, fountain or water tank A prominent well, fountain, water tank or captive spring. The symbol is orientated to north. This is different from the NZ-adopted convention of a black circle for a tank and a blue cross for a trough. 
New symbols 2017
You may like to browse the new specs and familiarise yourself so there are no surprises in the field!
Much easier to do in the warmth at home rather than a remote hillside on the run.