Helpers needed for School training

04 August 2011

Jean, Jan and Linley are running the three schools training events on -16th (Tuesday) - Bottle Lake (Jean Cory Wright) 24th August (Wednesday)- Victoria park (Jan Harrison) 1st September (Thursday) - Hagley park (Linley Earnshaw) These events need a fair amount of helpers to start, finish and guide our young runners. Last year they had 8 at Hagley and found that worked well. We generally run from 3 to 5, with starters from 3.30 to 4.30. Courses are usually about 10 mins max. and white and yellow level.

PLUS - Is there anyone who has the know how to run a very short sportident course?

This helps the children have an idea how sportident works for the Canterbury Schools Competition in September.

It is great fun and often hooks then into the sport with a 'beep'!

Many thanks,
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