Have you chosen your task for Nationals? - In search of Volunteers

27 February 2019


We are after volunteers to help run the Orienteering Nationals at Easter (Apr 19-22) in Oamaru this year.


PAPO is the host club and we aim to put on a great event for the rest of the country. They’ll talk about it for years to come :-)  However it’ll only work if we get help from you.


I’m coordinating a list of jobs and volunteers. I’ve copied a list attached which shows the types of jobs that we need people to do. Some require no knowledge and others are more technical. You will know what you are capable of but we also have lots of wise heads to help you learn, so don’t necessarily shy away from some thing you haven’t done before. Our aim is that you all get to do one job a day and have a run on the course.


We’ll loan you a (returnable sorry) “Crew” t-shirt to use for the event. If you still have one of these from previous events then let me know.


Look at the list and see what you want to do. Note some jobs e.g. starts or setup, require a team of helpers – some with times throughout the day.

Can you please send me an e-mail letting me know:

  1. what job you can do
  2. on what day (Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon)
  3. include your mobile number
  4. T-Shirt Size  (Mens S, M, L or XL,  Youth M, L or XL,  Womens 10, 12, 14, or 16)


Email: steve.helen.oneill@gmail.com


Thanks for your help!



021 996 695