Come hear the PAPO Godzoners tell us all about their races

16 April 2016

Ask all the questions you want and see your heroes up close and personal.

Tuesday 26th April

Community House, 301 Tuam St from 8-9:30pm


Tim Farrant, the Rogaine Specialist from Team Next Generation

Georgia Whitla from Team Sneaky Weasel Gang

Lara Prince (and hopefully Emily Forne by Skype) from Team Seagate

Richard Dove from Team Mobico Heart Kids

And hopefully Jenny Blyleven from Team The Young and the restless, and Chris Forne, the man of many pies and Team Yealands, also by Skype


Free for all PAPO members, suggested koha of $5 per person by non-members to be given to the charity of choice by the speakers.