Geraldine Rogaine Autumn Muster GRAM 2015 Results

21 May 2015

Check out the results from Sunday 17th May's Geraldine Rogaine Autumn Muster GRAM here.

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Results of the event at Kura Tawhiti (Castle Hill)

30 April 2015

Results of the event at Kura Tawhiti on Sunday May 10th, planned by Andy Buchanan and controlled by Dave Laurie.Kura Tawhiti results (pdf)Winsplits

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Results of MTBO at Spencer Park

29 April 2015

Results of the MTBO event at Spencer Park, Sunday May 3rd, planned by Viv Prince and controlled by Dave Armstrong.MTBO Spencer Park results (pdf)Winsplits

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Victoria Park School Holidays Event

23 April 2015

Thanks to everyone for coming along for a lovely sunny afternoon of orienteering at Victoria Park. There were around 200 people in 100 teams taking part including many new family groups.

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South Island Schools Champs - Top Schools Results

21 April 2015

Check out the overall Top Schools Results.

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South Island Schools Champs Lincoln University results

19 April 2015

19 April 2015, Planned by Jean Cory-Wright and Controlled by Bruce Steven.

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South Island Schools Champs Orton Bradley results

18 April 2015

18 April 2015, Planned by Simon Swaffield and Controlled by Graeme Read.

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South Island Schools’ Orienteering Championships Programme

14 April 2015

View the 2015 South Island Secondary Schools Orienteering Champs programme.

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Rangiora High School Sprint Results

1 April 2015

The results for the Rangiora High School Sprint event can be found here:

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Rangiora HS event: Thank you

31 March 2015

A big thank you and well done goes to the Cleary family for the extra sprint event at Rangiora High School on March 31st.

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Friday April 17: Victoria Park

31 March 2015

Orienteering event on Friday 17th April at Victoria Park

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Apollo Hill OY results

29 March 2015

Results of the OY event held on the Apollo Hill map on 29th March 2015.  Planned by Dominic Cleary and controlled by Peter Cleary.Apollo Hill OY Results   (pdf)Winsplits

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Rangiora High School - Tuesday March 31, Sprint event

24 March 2015

Please park on East Belt before the school Registration from 5.30pm near the south end of the school on East Belt.

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Victoria Park results

22 March 2015

Results of the event held at Victoria Park on 22nd March.  Planned by Andrew Johnstone and controlled by Carsten Joergensen and Jenni Adams.Victoria Park Results     Victoria Park Score resultsWinsplits

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Sprint 5 Opawa Results

18 March 2015

Results of the Sprint event at Opawa School - Hansens Park - Rudolf Steiner School, 17 March, planned by Katie Cory-Wright and Briana Steven.2015 Sprint 5 Opawa Results (pdf)Winsplits

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March 22: Victoria Park, CCC follow-on event

15 March 2015

If you enjoyed the CCC family fun day come and try orienteering again in one of Christchurch's favourite parks.

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March 17: Sprint Series Event 5 Opawa-Steiner Hansens Park

11 March 2015

Opawa-Steiner Hansens Park

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Results of Sprint 4: Papanui High School

10 March 2015

Results of Sprint 4 held at Papanui High School on 10th March. Planned by Ed Cory-Wright and Marisol Hunter.  Controlled by Jean Cory-Wright.WinsplitsPapanui Sprint results 2015 (pdf)

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South Island Schools' Orienteering Championships

8 March 2015

South Island Schools’ Orienteering Festival

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Sprint Series Event 2 Results – Mairehau

3 March 2015

The beautiful summer evenings continue.  Here are the results

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