McLeans Island Adventure Rogaine

Sunday 22 September 2024
McLeans Island
Event Type:
Score event (rogaine)

McLeans Island Adventure Rogaine. Double adventure with a 1hr MTBO rogaine followed by a 1hr  rogaine on foot. Can be entered as a team or individual.


Pre-entries are preferred for all PAPO events. Member rates will apply to pre-entries.
Entries will open approx 2 weeks prior to the event.
Pre-entries close: Wednesday prior to event date.
Any queries on the entry system, please email

Limited enter on the day will be available. Enter on the day will be charged at non-member prices for all entries.





Both events (MTB rogaine and foot rogaine)

Senior $20 $30
Junior $10 $15
Family $50 $75
Single event (either MTB rogaine or foot rogaine)
Senior $12 $17
Junior $6 $8.50
Family $30 $50

Senior - Age 21 and over.
Junior - Age 20 and under or full time student.
Family - 2 Seniors and any number of Juniors normally resident at the same address.


All entries to be paid by credit/debit card at time of entry via the entry system (EnterO), we no longer accept bank transfers for event entries.
Helpers on the day and PAPO members paying with VIP points can choose the VIP points option when paying. As this is a double event use 2 clips for seniors and 1 clip for juniors.

Any other entry queries: Please email

Travel and Parking

<Travel directions>
Parking: <>. 
Event registration and start area:  Adjacent to parking.

Event timetable:

  • Registration from 10.00am, MTB rogaine maps issued at registration.
  • 10.30am-11.00am MTB rogaine starts. All competitors to start the 1hr MTB rogaine in this 30-minute window.
  • 11.30am-12.00am MTB rogaine finishes. (finish within 1hr of your start time)
  • Foot maps issued at completion of Foot rogaine.
  • 12.30-1.00pm Foot rogaine starts (30 mins planning time from Foot rogaine finish). All competitors to start the 1hr Foot rogaine in this 30-minute window. There will be a short MTB ride (or run!) to start location for the Foot rogaine.
  • 1.30pm-2.00pm. Foot rogaine finishes. (finish within 1hr of your start time).

Electronic Punching: SI Air+ will be turned on for this event, bring your SI Air card if you have one. For those without an SI Air card (and anyone hiring a SI card) punch in the usual manner.


Sorry no dogs permitted.