JWOC trials Long Distance and PAPO OY. Laidmore

JWOC trials weekend (including public races)

Sunday 19 March 2023
Event Type:
Long Distance
Jenni Adams
Carsten Jørgensen
Lisa Chubb

JWOC trials Long Distance and PAPO OY. Laidmore (Mt Ellen). The JWOC trials will run first at 9.30am, the public races will follow from 10.30am.

The public races have a range of orienteering courses available, with something to suit everyone, from beginners to experts. It includes easy courses for those who are new to the sport and would like to give it a go. All welcome! Event suitable for the whole family. 

This event is part of the PAPO OY series, with OY points awarded to PAPO club members. 

See the event bulletin for the latest information.


Pre-entry only for JWOC trialists.
Pre-entries preferred for the public event. Member rates will apply to pre-entries.
Enter here: https://entero.co.nz/evento.php?eventName=jwocwe-2023
Pre-entries close: Thurs 16th March.
Any queries on the entry system, please email PAPOentries@gmail.com

Limited enter on the day will be available. Enter on the day will be charged at non-member prices for all entries.


The standard six OY courses will be available.

Navigation difficulty
Distance /Climb
Map Scale


Very Easy navigation

1.1km - 45 m of climb

1: 5,000


Easy navigation

2.7 km - 110 m of climb



Moderate navigation

3.8 km - 180 m of climb


Short Red

Very hard navigation

2.4 km - 120 m of climb


Medium Red

Very hard navigation

4.0 km - 290 m of climb

1: 10,000

Long Red

Very hard navigation

Male entries will run the M20E JWOC trials course:
7.6 km - 490 m of climb.

Female entries will run the W20E JWOC trials course:
5.7 km - 370 m of climb.

See below

If you are new to orienteering, we recommend entering the White (families and children) or Yellow (adults) course for your first event. If you want more, do an additional course for $2 per map.

Map Scale.

The JWOC Trials will be using maps at scale 1:15,000. 
The OY will run using maps at scale 1:10,000, for Long Red, or higher scales as listed above.
Anyone on the OY on Long Red that would like to use 1:15,000 please email PAPOentries@gmail.com and we'll print maps accordingly.


Costs: Standard PAPO costs apply see https://papo.org.nz/faq/costs.
Costs for non-member family entries & teams entries: Due to limitations with the entry system, the maximums for non-member families and teams may not be correctly applied. If the total amount calculated by the entry system is more than the maximum stated here https://papo.org.nz/faq/costs, please choose the Bank Transfer option and pay the maximum shown. Please email PAPOentries@gmail.com if you have done this.


Credit card payments can be made from the entry system (EnterO). For bank transfers, please credit the PAPO bank account: 03-0823-04259310-00. Please reference your surname and "JWOC-WE"
VIP points: If you want to use a VIP card to pay, please mark this with "JWOC-WE" and choose Bank Transfer on the entry form. Bring your VIP card to the event to have it clipped at registration.
Helpers on the day: If you are helping out with the event and will take a free run, please choose Bank Transfer on the entry form. Forward your email confirmation to PAPOentries@gmail.com with a note that you part of the team helping to put the event on.

Any other entry queries: Please email PAPOentries@gmail.com

Travel and Parking

Laidmore is accessed from Ram Paddock Rd north-west of Amberley. See the event bulletin for detailed driving directions.
There is a $5 per car parking fee for this event. Please bring cash to pay for this.
There will be quite a walk from the parking/event centre to the start with a significant amount of climb. Allow plenty of time.

Event timetable: 

Registration: From 9.00am
JWOC trials Start times (Allocated start times): 9.30am – 10.-00am.
Public Races Start times (Punching starts): 10.30am – 12.30pm.
Course closure: 2.30pm
Electronic Punching: SI Air+ will be turned on for this event, bring your SI Air card if you have one. For those without an SI Air card (and anyone hiring a SI card) punch in the usual manner.


Sorry no dogs permitted.