JWOC trials (& public races) Middle Distance. Butlers Bush

JWOC trials weekend (including public races)

Saturday 18 March 2023
Butlers Bush
Event Type:
Middle Distance
Nic Gorman
Bruce Steven
Val Fletcher

JWOC trials (& public races) Middle Distance. Butlers Bush. The JWOC trials will run first at 2pm, the public races will follow from 3pm.
See the event bulletin for the latest information.


Pre-entry only for JWOC trialists.
Pre-entry only for the public event.
Enter here: https://entero.co.nz/evento.php?eventName=jwocwe-2023
Pre-entries close: Thurs 16th March.
Any queries on the entry system, please email PAPOentries@gmail.com


There will be 4 courses will be available for the public races. Note that there are no easy courses available (White or Yellow).

Distance & climb


1.8 km - 105m of climb Map scale. 1:7,500 

Short Red

2.1 km - 125m  of climb

Map scale. 1:7,500 

Medium Red

3.1 km - 165m  of climb

W20E JWOC trials course (all entrants).
Map scale. 1:10,000

Long Red

4.0 km - 200m of climb

M20E JWOC trials course (all entrants)
Map scale. 1:10,000


Costs: Standard PAPO costs apply. See https://papo.org.nz/faq/costs#WeekendSprints


Credit card payments can be made from the entry system (EnterO). For bank transfers, please credit the PAPO bank account: 03-0823-04259310-00. Please reference your surname and "JWOC-WE"
VIP points: If you want to use a VIP card to pay, please mark this with "JWOC-WE" and choose Bank Transfer on the entry form. Bring your VIP card to the event to have it clipped at registration.
Helpers on the day: If you are helping out with the event and will take a free run, please choose Bank Transfer on the entry form. Forward your email confirmation to PAPOentries@gmail.com with a note that you part of the team helping to put the event on.

Any other entry queries: Please email PAPOentries@gmail.com

Travel and Parking

Butlers Bush is accessed from SH73 west of Springfield (approx 5 minutes past Springfield). See the event bulletin for detailed driving directions.

Start location:

The start is 700m from the event centre, 500m across the river flats and then a short climb to the pre-start area. The walk across the flats is through a waist high thistle field and we have cleared a path across. It is recommended that you follow this path.

Event timetable: 

Registration: From 1.30pm
JWOC trials Start times (Allocated start times): 2.00pm – 2.30pm.
Public Races Start times (Punching starts): 3.00pm – 3.30pm.
Course closure: 6.00pm
NOTE the short start window and early course closure. This is to ensure we can fit on two races on one day. If you expect to be slow, choose a short course and start early in the start window.
Electronic Punching: SI Air+ will be turned on for this event, bring your SI Air card if you have one. For those without an SI Air card (and anyone hiring a SI card) punch in the usual manner.


Sorry no dogs permitted.