Canterbury schools orienteering festival - Day 1

Canterbury Schools Orienteering Festival 2020

Saturday 12 September 2020
Hagley Park
Event Type:
Schools orienteering festival
David Wright
Briana Steven
Lisa Chubb & Jonathan Hunt

 Haere mai! You’re invited to the Canterbury Schools Orienteering Festival 2020. Enter and make your payment by Friday 4 September 2020

   Canterbury schools orienteering festival details  

Day 1 format: Find all the controls in order over a short distance (1-3.5km).  Punch the start and finish, and every control in numerical order on your course.   Harder courses will have lots of controls to find and lots of fast decision making!

Day 1 terrain: Urban park setting, paved areas, pathways, bridges and gardens.

Start times, competitive grades: Your start time will be pre-allocated between 2 and 3pm. 

Start times, fun grades: Line up to start from 2pm. 

Coaching opportunity: 8 training events are being held at different venues at 4pm on weekdays. See the 2020 Schools coaching and training events here.

Public races: Enjoy a casual romp/race around one of the courses used for the 2020 Canterbury Schools Orienteering Festival.
Register on the day and grab a map to start yourself off at the punch start. Starts available sometime after 3pm.

Event area: The event will be in North Hagley Park. The start is 300m walk east from the event/registration centre, and the finish is in the event centre. Toilets are the by Armagh St carpark and there are toilets across the bridge by the Botanic Gardens playground. Please note the parking details below.

Parking: Parking is in the Armagh St carpark, and the event centre is at the east end of the  Armagh St carpark. We recommend that there are no participants for this event using the carpark off Riccarton Ave. This is because the courses run through near there. Please treat the Riccarton Ave carpark almost as an embargoed area so the students have a good event.

Student: Entry fees will be $13 per student per day. 
Public event: 
$5 + $3 Sport ident hire (free for helpers).