Utlralong - Hogsback

Saturday 5 September 2020
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Oliver Egan
Briana Steven
University of Canterbury Orienteering Club

Organised by University of Canterbury Orienteering Club (UCOC).

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31 August 2020

The Hogs Back Ultralong will be held on 5 Sep 2020 in the Craigieburn Forest Park in the South Island of New Zealand.

The event will form part of the National Orienteering League (NOL) but will also have the usual range of courses suitable for all. 
There is a PAPO OY event on the following day on the Castle Hill map, which will not be a NOL. For PAPO club members the Sunday event will count towards OY points.


The Hogs Back map is a subalpine area with a mixture of mature beech forest and open tussock. The elevation ranges from 700m to 1200m above sea level. Large flat areas are dissected by steep valleys and ridges. The beech forest offers a range of runnability, from open mature forest with running speeds < 4min/km to extremely thick areas of regrowth. There are some isolated areas of limestone rock detail. 


Start times will be from 11am till 1pm. For NOL runners only, individual start times will be allocated.


Pre-entry for Ultralong/Accommodation has been required.  We have reached the Covid level 2 100 person limit, so we are happy to add you to a waiting list, in case the alert levels change before the entries close, or competitors have to pull out due to travel restrictions. Please enter the waiting list via this form: https://forms.gle/3JL2uZMn2d7hw7FF9

Enter on the day for the Sunday event.


For members of ONZ Affiliated Clubs and UCOC Members:

  • Seniors (over 21) - $25
  • Juniors & Uni Students - $15

For non-members:

  • Seniors (over 21) - $30
  • Juniors & Uni Students - $20

For the Sunday event, standard PAPO event cost apply.


There are four courses; M21, W21, M20, and W20 for the NOL event, and the 6 standard courses. The approx expected lengths are listed below.
M21E ~ 13km
W21E ~ 9km
M20E ~ 10km
W20E ~ 7km

Red Long ~ 7km
Red Medium ~ 6km
Red Short ~ 4km
Orange ~ 5km
Yellow ~ 4km
White ~3km

PAPO have booked the Cheeseman Forest Lodge and the Canterbury Environment Centre for the night of Saturday 5 Sep, providing a great opportunity for competitors to stay together and be social. These 2 facilities provide beds for 72 people and can be booked through the race entry form. The costs are $30 per senior, $20 per junior. Camping will be available, but only once the beds inside have been filled, at $10 each for both juniors and seniors.

More info on Forest Lodge: https://www.forestlodge.info/ and Canterbury Environment Centre: http://www.enved.org.nz/

Shadowing younger children

For those with younger children, we may be able to have some spare orienteers on hand to shadow your children on the white and yellow courses. We understand that having the other courses much longer may compromise the delicate timing of fitting everyone's run in! If there is a decent demand for this we will try and organise a few people to shadow, and we will let you know before the event if it has been organised. Please give your indication of interest in the entry form.