Van Asch farm. Score OY Results

Sunday 1 November 2020

Van Asch OY6

The event was held on the Van Asch Farm map which is an old map that hadn't been run on for a number of years. Ryan Moore spent quite a bit of time remapping so we could make the most of the technical northern slopes of the map which was great.
It was a beautiful sunny day with minimal wind (apart from at the event centre) and over 100 people enjoyed the courses. There were a number of positive comments about the adventurous white course. The only ones who struggled were the fathers who didn't appreciate what they were getting themselves into. 
The score event also caught out a number of competitors. One hour isn't a long time for a score O and it was hard to plan a good route, being ambitious enough to maximize your score while also planning well enough to be back on time. Looking at the results it seems like quite a few people were punished by being late back and being hit with 30 points per minute late penalty.
Congratulations to Sara Prince and Kaia Jørgensen for being house champions as well as the young ones who are now showing the older elites that they are past their prime. Finally apologies to those of you who felt 1hr was too short we probably should have had a 90min option too. Luckily the map will be used again next year so hopefully you'll get to the places you missed this time.