CCC Orienteering Day - The Groynes Results

Sunday 28 February 2016

A fabulous day at the Groynes – well over 600 people enjoyed the sunshine.

Planner Graeme says he is surprised so many people found all of the controls and well done to you all. It was neat to see several students from the Tuesday night events come along and there were some interesting results within family teams.

PAPO hopes you keep coming along to Tuesday events and then think about the schools champs and our Sunday orienteering all over Canterbury. Check the website for upcoming events and entry fees.

The Hellers sausages were cooked to perfection by the Girl Guides (who also ran the course) and thanks to those who did CCC surveys while waiting for your sausages. The maps drawn by some finishers of your routes are interesting and we are going to put a couple of your maps up on the PAPO website later this week.

A huge thanks to the orienteering club members who helped before and during the event.

For the really competitive ones here's a list of points per minute for those who completed in under 1 hour. The 2 top place getters have both represented NZ in orienteering, so don't feel too bad when you see how fast they completed the course.