Ultra Sprint

Monday 25 October 2021
Assorted Christchurch Sprint Maps
Event Type:
15 consecutive short (~1km) sprints
Assorted UCOC Members
Briana Steven

Labour day sprints, featuring 15 consecutive short (~1km) sprints

Time: Approx. 8:30am till 6pm (times subject to minor changes)
Start: Nga Puna Wai Sports Hub
Finish: University of Canterbury Campus
It will be an awesome day packed with orienteering, on some new/old maps you may not have seen before! You can come to all 15 sprints, or pick and choose your favourites. Everyone who enters will receive a full schedule with locations and parking/travel info, and the 15 maps at the start of the day.

Costs: $15 for UCOC members, $20 for everyone else

Using a highly sophisticated timing system, we will have course times for everyone so there will be an ultimate winner at the end of the day, and there may be some prizes up for grabs too.

ENTRY DEADLINE: Friday 22nd October 11:59pm