Yo, ho, ho. Christmas is Coming !

09 October 2012

Well I’ll admit I’m as peeved as most of us are when the supermarket music system begins its endless repeats of those well worn Christmas carols in early November. Or worse still the TV ads start exhorting us to lay-by for the festive season as early as August. Yet here I am already giving you a “heads up” on the Club’s annual Christmas Caper.


This year we are going to be over in sunny Akaroa on 9th December, running on a map we haven’t used for a few years. (For those who haven’t orienteered there before let me say that the area offers a surprising mix of wooded reserves, village pathways and of course the blue, blue sea as an ever present backdrop.) To encourage you to enjoy the day with us there will be a two event format with the first and second events separated by a prize giving lunch time picnic. More details will be revealed next month, so keep an eye out for the November Contour Lines.

PS: Why not make a weekend of it and stay in Akaroa on Saturday night. There are lots of accommodation alternatives available including holiday homes of all shapes and sizes.

Richard English on behalf of the organising crew.


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