Purchase a PAPO New Top

29 March 2017

Its here! The opportunity for a more affordable and locally sourced PAPO top or the tried and tested TRIMTEX top.

This opportunity is available for children and adults.

And Yes, of course it will have our fabulous Katie Bolt design.

How fabulous we will all look at Nationals and Queens Birthday with our flash new PAPO tops!

We have 2 new design options.  Both have the option for a small valcro pocket in the hip area at a extra cost of $4.00.

Option 1:
Is designed to mimic the TRIMTEX top. Minus the racey mesh.
Cost $80.50, $84.50 with pocket

Option 2:
Is a very basic, no frills V-neck sports t-shirt style.
Looser fit than Option 1.
Cost $57.50, $61.50 with pocket

Option 3:
Our well known TRIMTEX top.
Can still be ordered if you missed out. Pricing will be $105-$120 mark.
Sizing guide here.

If this exciting new opportunity has you wondering what to do because you have placed a TRIMTEX order? No problem, if you want to stick with what you know and keep your TRIMTEX order then do nothing. Absolutely nothing. If you would like to switch brands just fill out a new order form and we can change you over.

Sizing chart for each top will be on the order form, all of the top options have different sizing charts so be careful to read appropriate sizing chart.


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