Planners Report Curletts Road MTBO

25 July 2011

The event was held on a crisp Wednesday evening with a number of first timers turning up to try out MTB orienteering.  The event was quite a low key affair with just a single sprint length course although sport ident was still used.  People were taking a little longer than I had expected but luckily Tane Cambridge turned up near the end for a run and showed the MTBers how to go fast setting the fastest time by over 5 minutes, next was vet Bruce Meder followed by Clare McLennan.  Most legs had several possible routes and due to the small area I had several controls very close together including two on top of each other.  The starters were warned to read their control codes and descriptions to avoid mis-punching but it seems that the two Chinese orienteers (Matt Scott & Lara Prince) struggled to understand the instructions as both mis-punched.  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and are keen for more events.

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