Pace Counting and Compass Training - July 29

09 July 2012

Pace Counting and Compass Training - An opportunity to really nail these techniques.
29th July, Hagley Park from 2.30pm to 4pm. Deans Ave, just north of the Riccarton Road roundabout.
$2 per map for pace/compass, $6 (or $3) for score map (details below).

Pace counting - a chance to understand how this works and sort out your own paces with lots of help available. This technique is used at all levels of orienteering and should definitely be in your 'toolbox'. Just knowing how far you have gone on a leg can be the difference between finding the control or a maddening 20-minute grid search. Allow up to 20mins.

Compass training - when you have sorted out your paces, test yourself (or your group) with the compass-only course. Adapted from the event used for the JWOC fundraiser in June. Lots of assistance getting to the first control and then the chance to give it a go by yourself. 'Cheat sheet' provided to check how you are going along the way (1.9km total distance). It's tremendously satisfying to pace and follow your compass and end up right beside the control!

Score map An hour-long chance to practice your orienteering skills around Hagley Park. All you need is a pencil! This map was used in June and proceeds will again go to our Junior Travel Fund! Maps are at a discount of $6/adult or $3/child. Groups are welcome to run with one map between them and pay by the navigator's age. Can be done separately from the pace/compass work if you've already nailed those techniques or afterwards, or even in your own time. No punching, just note down your answers at each control site.

We need to know if you are coming along so that we can have enough helpers to answer all your questions. Email me and that's the contact if you have any questions.

(N.B. Heavy rain will cancel this event as you'll be writing down figures for pace-counting and the paper will get too soggy!)

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