NZ Orienteering Champs 2016

08 April 2016

Lots of PAPO members were in Nelson and St Arnaud over Easter for the NZ Orienteering Champs. Once again PAPO dominated. Winning the Inter-club Points Competition, the Junior Relay and the Senior Relay. 

It was a great experience, with some good results, though some of us did spend more time enjoying the bird song in the forest than we really wished. Nelson put on a great event, assisted by several members of other clubs. I know they really appreciated the help from PAPO members.



The winning Junior Relay Team



The winning Senior Relay Team 

Thanks to Neil Egan for the photos. More here.


Sprint Placegetters
Name Short Place
Al Cory-Wright M50 1
Alister Metherell M55 2
Anna Wright W10 3
Briana Steven W16 1
David Wall M70 3
Flynn Hunter M12 3
Georgia Whitla W21E 2
Isaac Egan M16 1
James Wright M10 2
Jenni Adams W45 1
Kaia Joergensen W14 1
Kathrin Mueller W60 2
Linley Earnshaw W55 2
Nick Hann M21E 1
Pat Bodger M65 1
Sarah Wright W40 1
Tim Wright M40 2
Valerie Rogers W60 3
Middle Placegetters
Name Class Place
Al Cory-Wright M50A 3
Alice Egan W12A 1
Alice Vetcher W10A 2
Andrew Johnstone M35A 3
Anna Wright W10N 2
Carsten Joergensen M21E 2
Chris Forne M21E 3
Dave Laurie M70A 3
Fiona Vetcher W40B 1
Flynn Hunter M12A 2
Georgia Whitla W21E 2
Jan Harrison W45A 3
Jean Cory-Wright W50A 1
Kaia Joergensen W14A 1
Katie Cory-Wright W20A 1
Lara Prince W21E 3
Linda Smith W40AS 1
Pat Bodger M65A 1
Peter Dickie M40B 3
Peter Vetcher M50B 3
Sarah Wright W40A 2
Scott Smith M20A 2
Stephanie Smithson W21A 2
Tim Wright M40A 2
Tom Harding M16A 2
Trish Faulkner W70A 3
Valerie Rogers W60A 2
Viv Prince W55A 1
Long Placegetters
Name Short Place
Al Cory-Wright M50A 1
Alice Vetcher W10A 3
Anna Wright W10N 1
Boris De Bouck M21A 3
Briana Steven W16A 3
Bruce Steven M45A 2
Chris Forne M21E 1
Clem Rolin W21A 2
Dave Laurie M70A 3
Fiona Vetcher W40AS 1
Georgia Whitla W21E 1
Jack Vetcher M10A 3
James Wright M10A 2
Jean Cory-Wright W50A 1
Kaia Joergensen W14A 1
Kate Pedley W21AS 2
Kathrin Mueller W60A 3
Katie Cory-Wright W20A 3
Linda Smith W40AS 2
Michael Smithson M21A 1
Mike Harding M55A 3
Nick Smith M20A 1
Pat Bodger M65A 2
Peter Dickie M40B 2
Peter Vetcher M50B 3
Rosie Zinzan W12A 3
Sarah Wright W40A 2
Tane Cambridge M21E 3
Tim Wright M40A 2
Trish Faulkner W70A 2
Viv Prince W55A 3





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