Kairaki Results

09 September 2012

Results of the Kairaki Relay and Individual Events can be read here.
Kairaki Relay Results (pdf)
Kairaki Individual Results (pdf)
Relay Winsplits
Individual Winsplits

Report below.

We decided to run another relay event to provide more practice in relay organisation and SportIdent relay management as a forerunner to holding the National Orienteering championships next year.  The Kairaki map was used for the Oceania 2009 relay so we had a good template for course design.  We didn't factor in that this was the week prior to the school championships with both a large number of children coming along to practice and that there was quite a lot of organisational work required for both events.  We also didn't factor in the event controller running the PAPO caravan over her foot on Saturday evening.  Hence we had a few challenges in running the event, but it was largely successful, if not quite as smoothly run as we are intending for the nationals relay.  As an organising team we learnt quite a lot and we hope that you all enjoyed the courses.

A big thank you to Martin Etherington (planner), Linley Earnshaw (controller), Sue Unsworth (chief organiser) and all the other helpers.

Alister Metherell (controller's mentor and SportIdent manager)

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