Heights of Winter 2016

29 June 2016

Full results are now available at http://papo.org.nz/events/results/27/heights-of-winter-rogaine

Individual team results are available from the hyperlinks in the overall results pdf.

Thanks to Greig Hamilton for producing the web app for the in-depth analysis of the results.

There is also an event report at http://www.sportzhub.com/article/heights-of-winter-rogaine.html

A big thank you to controller Stuart Payne, chief organiser Dave Laurie, planning assistants Dave Armstrong, Viv Prince and Val Rodgers, rogaine weekend helpers Mel Brigden, Jocelyn Douglas and Gordon Sylvester, Mayfield St Johns, caterers Mayfield Play Centre (6-hour) and Mayfield School (12-hour), control collectors Jocelyn and Gordon Thrower, Richard English, Georgia Whitla and Lara Prince, PAPO treasurer Chris Rowe, website developer Katie Bolt, Douglas Woods and the NZ Rogaine Association for NavLight and other equipment, map printers CQ, landowners Department of Conservation, Mt Possession Station,  the Ashburton District Council and Mt Somers Memorial hall, and Huey for the good weather!

When I first visited the event location in April I quickly decided that this would be a great location for a rogaine.  We decided that it was worth a punt on the mid-winter weather and snow cover being favourable and we all got lucky.  Despite the snow on Saturday night it was a mild day for control collection on Sunday too. 

We are rapt that so many teams entered and enjoyed the event.   I had a great time planning it.


Alister Metherell

Peninsula and Plains Orienteersalal

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