Give it A Go 2014 at Bottle Lake

28 February 2014

A huge thank you to every one of the fabulous 75 volunteers last Sunday.

Great news – we all so impressed the council team,  they have since confirmed funding the event for three years.  Up till now it has been year by year.

You all moved the participants so smoothly that queues never built up.   And about one third of us were first time helpers, thank you.

That gave the impression numbers were down – but we had over 900 starters in 2 ½ hours – 200 more than last time at Spencer Park and the back-up carpark was chocker all morning.

Already at the twilight sprints we see new faces and we can all take credit for their enthusiasm.

I thank the team leaders who signed up so early in January, everyone who signed up promptly, or let me know they were not available - don’t worry I’ll catch you in 2015.

And on the day everyone arrived on time, and kept on smiling.
In our uniforms and crew shirts we looked pro.

Thanks to Neil Egan in your first time planning.   And George the controller for covering all aspects out there.    And those who gave their time prior to the day.

I appreciate that not only did everyone do the specific task required but you all projected the personal qualities required – the meet and greeters were welcoming, the start team were efficient, the forest rangers were authoritative, the results crew chugged on discretely and the finish/promo area was party central like never before.

- Melanie Brigden

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