Background Reading for Strategy Sessions

10 September 2011

Please find attached supply some 'helpful' background reading to all would be attendees at our club Strategic Planning Sessions.
1) The last Strategic Planning workshop held by PAPO took place in 2006, and from that an Excel Workbook of spreadsheets was produced which is attached. As I remember it, two of the more intense discussions at that workshop were around whether we should move to having a paid administrator for the club to ease the load of committee members since they also seemed to be the mappers/event planners and so on of the club, and whether we should pay event organisers or not.
2) Prior to that, there was another workshop with notes and a Strategic Plan called ‘Optimum Route Choices’ produced in 2002 that I don’t have in soft copy, but which have been scanned and are attached as a pdf. Interestingly, this plan included a short section that was left out of the intro pages of the subsequent (2006-2010) plan as follows:
To achieve (Our Mission) we aim to:
-Conduct Orienteering events and competitions
-Produce Orienteering Maps
-Support and train members for the sport of orienteering
-Affiliate to the NZOF with a view to furthering the sport of orienteering
If memory serves me correctly, one of the important debates at that workshop was whether we could advance the sport further in Canterbury by splitting our large club into two separate clubs so as to give each ‘half’ a turn at just being participants at events, and thereby 'share' the load of running such a full calendar more effectively.
3) I've also attached a copy of the last NZOF Strategic Plan, just for the fun of seeing where our concerns overlap with those of that organisation.
4) Not only that, but prior to the February earthquake, some of you will remember that I had also run two electronic surveys (one aimed at members, and one at non-members) to try to get more input to a Strategic panning process. Although the one aimed at non-members didn't get very far, the results from the first were very interesting, and I have attached the summary out of interest.

Please DON"T feel like you have to read all of these before the first session next Tuesday, but if you do manage, it will be great to have more than one of us there who can summarise them, and there might just be a reward in it! It will of course also get your creative juices flowing...

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