Acheron OY 19th October

08 October 2014

Acheron OY is around Mt Barker, by Lake Coleridge- challenging map- mixed exotic largely self sown forest of varying ages with some residual areas of rough open, undulating terrain, superb high country setting.

Access will be from the Lake Coleridge-Lake Lyndon Rd, approx. 3 km  after the homestead when coming via Lake Coleridge, or 10km from the SH73 turnoff by Lake Lyndon. The road from Lake Lyndon crosses a ford and is fine weather only.

Access to the forest/ registration/parking is along a 3 km farm track, which is drivable by 2WD in all but the worst weather, but needs reasonable clearance, so those with low slung roadsters are advised to catch a life from the first gate...

Fire Risk: The land owner  requires that smoking is absolutely prohibited at all times. Please be aware of the risk of fire in dry grass along the access road and act quickly to extinguish any sign of fire. There are extinguishers at the registration.

Start and finish are close to car parking

The open farmland to the west of the forest is strictly out of bounds due to lambing, and also no dogs please.

There will be the standard OY courses [3 x red, orange, yellow, white], starting from 1030am, course closing at 2:30pm.

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