2012 Membership form

29 January 2012

PAPO subscriptions for 2012 are now due! Please pay by 29 February.

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Twilight Score events

22 January 2012

Wednesday, 8th Feb 2012 at Cashmere Village Green, Cashmere Rd

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MTBO Carnival Results

10 January 2012

On Winsplits Roxburgh Sprint, Alexandra Long Distance, Wanaka Middle Distance, Snow Farm Relay

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MTBO Carnival McLeans Island and Bottle Lake Results

8 January 2012

The warm events for the MTBO Carnival held at McLeans Island and Bottle Lake were very popular with over 100 riders attending. 

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December Newsletter 2011

20 December 2011

Check out the latest PAPO newsletter for December here

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Vivien on Volunteers

16 December 2011

Happy Christmas to all the fantastic, hardworking and enthusiastic volunteers who have made the 2011 events happen through a very bumpy year. Looking forward to lots of orienteering in 2012. Vivien

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Congratulations to all our 2011 trophy winners!

16 December 2011

The Rangiora Christmas Caper and ensuing picnic gave us a great opportunity to acknowledge both the most consistent Orienteers of the year - the winners of the coveted stick men...

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Rangiora Christmas Caper Results

12 December 2011

Rangiora Christmas Caper Results are here (pdf)

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South Island Injury Count Thankfully Stops at 3

28 November 2011

This weekends South Island championships managed to claim the welfare of 3 of our star orienteers; Gordon Smith rolled his ankle badly on Saturday, Carsten Jorgenson after tirelessly re-mapping and...

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South Island Championships Long Distance Results

27 November 2011

Results of the South Island and Canterbury Championships Long Distance event held on the Acheron map on Sunday 27th November can be viewed here (pdf).  Winsplits

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South Island Championships Middle Distance Results

26 November 2011

Results of the South Island and Canterbury Championships Middle Distance event held at Kairaki on Saturday 26th November can be viewed here (pdf) .    Winsplits

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South Island Champs: Programme + Start Times

22 November 2011

South Island/ Canterbury Champs - at Kairaki Beach and Acheron Forest - this weekend programme here, middle (Kairaki) start times here and long (Acheron) starts here.

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November Newsletter 2011

18 November 2011

Check out the latest PAPO newsletter for November here

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DOC Duntroon OY Results

14 November 2011

Results from DOCs event on 'Humpy Bumpy' can either be viewed here (PDF) as times and places, or here on winsplits.

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Craigmore Sinkhole String Sprint Results

13 November 2011

Results from the highly competitive sinkhole sprint string course, won by Alistair Richardson with a time of 1:19.

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Craigmore OY 5ish Results

13 November 2011

Results from OY 5 (or maybe it was 6?) Results follow, winsplits here. OY points are now up.

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ARWC 2011 Update

10 November 2011

Aaron's Team Silva finished second (so received a "silver" medal) and Chris's Team Seagate, having led the race for all but the last stage were third, an agonising four minutes...

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PAPO Members In World Adventure Racing Champs

3 November 2011

Chris Forne and Aaron Prince (Both PAPO members at some point!) are currently competing in the World Adventure Racing Championships in Tasmania. Race started Wednesday, due to finish Monday.

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Craigmore Event Still On!

30 October 2011

Although it was close to cancellation the PAPO half of the Dunedin weekend is still happening along with DOCs event, on the 12-13th of November.

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South Island/ Canterbury Champs Info & Entry Form.

24 October 2011

Middle distance at Kairaki on the 26th of November, long at Acheron Forest on the 27th. Entry form can be downloaded here, and information here.

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