PAPO Boyle Bush Bash - Sprint

Friday 17 November 2017
Boyle River
Event Type:
Club Event
Chris Forne
Jenni Adams/Carsten Jorgensen

The event centre for all of the events is at the Boyle River Outdoor Education Centre. There will be no orienteering signs on state highway 7 so look out for the Boyle River Lodge signs. Coming from the south the lodge is 47km from the Hanmer turn off.


White-Orange (all lengths 1.5-2km): Normal individual starts between 5pm and 7pm*

Red (only one course approx. 2km) – two mass start options a light option starting at 7pm (briefing 6:45pm) and a night option starting at 9pm (briefing 8:45pm)

* It will be possible to start later than 7pm, for late arrivals, but is not recommended for children. If any red course runners do not want to start in the mass starts this will also be possible.

Registration will be available from 4:30pm. The start and finish are adjacent to the lodge.


As part of our planning if you intend to come to any of the events over the weekend can you please fill in this google Doc for us.

Thank You.

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